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Term and Condition

1. Registration Eligibility:
   - Only healthcare professionals may register for the medical conference.
   - Provide accurate and up-to-date information during the registration process.

2. Registration Process:
   - Follow the specified registration steps on the website.
   - Ensure all required fields are completed.

3. Payment:   

  - Payment details and fees are clearly outlined on the website.
  - Payments must be made in the specified currency.
  - Payment must be made in full to secure your conference registration.

4. Confirmation:
   - A confirmation email will be sent upon successful registration.
   - Keep the confirmation email for future reference.

5. Cancellation Policy:
   - Understand and adhere to the conference's cancellation policy.
   - Refund eligibility is subject to the cancellation policy.

6. Conference Materials:
   - Access to conference materials is granted upon successful registration.
   - Any additional materials will be provided as outlined on the website.

7. Code of Conduct:
   - Participants must adhere to the conference's code of conduct.
   - Respectful and professional behavior is expected at all times.

8. Intellectual Property:
   - Respect the intellectual property rights of conference organizers and presenters.
   - Unauthorized recording or distribution of conference materials is prohibited.

9. Privacy and Data Security:
   - Personal information provided during registration is handled in accordance with privacy laws.
   - The conference organizers are responsible for maintaining the security of participant data.

10. Force Majeure:
    - The conference organizers are not liable for disruptions or cancellations due to unforeseen            circumstances (e.g., natural disasters, pandemics).

12. Termination of Registration:
    - The organizers reserve the right to terminate a participant's registration for violation of terms or        disruptive behavior.

By registering, participants acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Contact Info


+964 750 448 33 19

+964 770 211 99 99


Iraq - Erbil
Erbil Rotana Hotel

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